We are pleased to share news that Princeton Architectural Press has published a monograph featuring our landscapes. Landprints showcases ten of the most ambitious and inspiring landscapes through gorgeous photography and a critical analysis of the firm and these individual projects by author Susan Heeger.


“If you’ve hiked the wilderness of California, following trails through the state’s Coast Range or climbing rocky bluffs above the beach, you’ve seen the enormity of its reach, the force of the heaving, twisting land, the fuzzy meadows and sharp ridges; you’ve heard the ocean’s crashing tides and the land’s sleepy, sun-drunk silence. In these places, the light can be hard and pitiless, and the heat crippling. But when the Pacific fog seeps inland from the ocean, the views become soft, and the cold is stunning. It’s not always a gentle world, but it’s exhilarating and elemental.

This elemental charge sparks the landscapes of Bernard Trainor, an Australian-born designer who has made it his life’s work to honor California’s spirit in gardens across the state. Neither a naturalist nor an architect, he uses the tools of both professions to create places that are at home on hilltops and craggy seasides, but hospitable to the people living there too. He’s an observer of the land, not only of what exists now but what has been and might have been—rolling grasslands shot with wildflowers in the spring; or sprawling acres around tile-roofed ranchos, where cattle once grazed.”